Vodafone ₹458 and ₹509 Prepaid Plan Details

Telecom operator Vodafone already has a couple of plans for its prepaid customers which offer free voice calls and 1 GB data per day. However, they all differ in terms of validity. The most recent prepaid plan announced with these kind of benefits was the FRC 496 plan, however, it was only available to customers in Delhi-NCR region. Now today, Vodafone has announced two new plans for its prepaid customers, and, the good thing is that it’s not restricted to the customers in Delhi-NCR region.


The two new prepaid plans announced by Vodafone are priced at ₹458 and ₹509. Both these plans offer unlimited local and STD voice calls along with 1 GB 3G/4G data per day. However, those “unlimited” voice calls aren’t unlimited in true sense as they come with a daily limit of 250 minutes and weekly limit of 1000 minutes. If you exceed this limit, you will be charged for voice calls for the rest of the period.

Moreover, Vodafone is also offering 100 SMS per day and free roaming along with these plans. The difference between both these plans is in terms of validity. The ₹458 plan has a validity of 70 days, whereas, the ₹509 plan has a validity of 84 days.

The prepaid plans from Reliance Jio that come close to these plans of Vodafone are priced at ₹459 and ₹509. For ₹459, Jio customers are offered unlimited local and STD voice calls, free roaming, unlimited SMS, access to Jio apps, and, unlimited Internet (with FUP of 1 GB 4G data per day). All of this for 84 days.

Speaking about the ₹509 plan, Jio customers get the benefits similar to the ₹459 plan, but, the validity is reduced to 49 days with the FUP limit increased to 2 GB 4G data per day.

So, which of the aforementioned plans do you think offer more value for money?