Vodafone offering unlimited international roaming across Europe at ₹180/day

Back in April, Vodafone India announced that it would be offering international roaming to its customers on 4G network in 40 countries. Now today, the telecom operator has announced a new plan under which its customers can enjoy unlimited international roaming across Europe at ₹180/day.


Vodafone India has announced a new pack called i-RoamFREE under which it’s offering unlimited data and voice calls to its customers when they are on international roaming in Europe in countries like Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Malta and Albania.

This pack is available for both the prepaid as well as postpaid customers at different prices. Customers can either pay ₹5000 to get unlimited international roaming for 28 days (which translates to around ₹180/day), or, they can simply pay ₹500 for every 24 hours of usage.

However, this iRoamFREE pack is not only available in the countries mentioned above, but, is also available in countries like USA, UAE, Singapore and Malaysia. It can be activated through the MyVodafone app or by heading over to www.vodafone.in/ir.

We launched our flagship unlimited international roaming proposition for USA, Singapore and UAE in April, and are now very excited to extend it to these additional destinations. Europe, USA, UAE, Singapore & Malaysia comprise more than 50% of our total roamers and international traffic. With calls and data becoming completely free in these countries, we are eliminating the hassle of carrying local SIM cards or looking out for public WiFi during overseas travel. Customers can freely upload photos & videos, look up places on maps, check emails and stay connected back home using their Vodafone number without worrying about high international roaming bills. They can remain confidently connected on their existing Vodafone number when they travel, and be assured the best of voice and data services.” said Avneesh Khosla, Associate Director – Consumer Business, Vodafone India.

That said, apart from offering unlimited international roaming in 18 countries, Vodafone is offering this same pack in 42 other countries which include countries like Japan, Qatar, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Egypt where customers can receive incoming calls for free with outgoing calls charged at ₹1/minute and data at ₹1/MB.