You will soon be able to make WhatsApp group calls directly from a group chat

Yesterday we told you about WhatsApp testing a feature that would let users watch videos directly from notifications. Well now, we have reports about WhatsApp testing one more feature that would let users make group calls directly from a group chat.


WhatsApp rolled out the group calling (audio and video) feature for all its users back in late July this year. However, making a group call can turn out to be quite a chore for some as it requires you to start a one-on-one call first, and then add participants. But, according to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is testing a feature that will make group calling easier.

WhatsApp has rolled out some UI changes to the app because of which you now have a group call button located at the top-right corner of the group chat. Tapping on it lets you make a group call with the members of the group.


After you tap on the group call button located in the top-right corner, you will be presented with a list of group members. You can then select the members you want to start a group call with. Users will also be presented with two buttons – one for video calling, and the other for audio calling. However, do note that as WhatsApp only allows a maximum of four members in a group call, you will only be able to select a maximum of three members from the list to start a group call with, because the fourth one would be you (now that’s common sense, isn’t it?).

Having said that, it’s needless to say that if you start a group call from a group chat, you will only be able to talk to the members of that group in that specific group call. If you want to start a group call with friends or family members who are not a member of the same group, you will still have the option to start a one-on-one group call, and then add participants.

With that being said, do note that this new feature is currently only available to iPhone users using beta version of WhatsApp.