WhatsApp might soon let users switch between voice and video calls

Late last month, Facebook owned WhatsApp rolled out a feature called ‘Delete for Everyone‘ which allowed its users to unsend a message from the receiver’s end within seven minutes of sending it. Now, the company is testing two new features which would let users switch from voice to video call, and, also send voice messages hands-free.

Switch from voice to video calls

WhatsApp currently allows its users to make voice and video calls, however, there’s no way for the users to switch from voice to video call and vice-versa without disconnecting the call. Well, that may not be the case anymore, as according to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is currently testing a feature which allow its users to switch between voice and video calls with ease.

Having said that, the switch from voice to video call or vice-versa won’t be instantaneous, as the other party also has to agree for the switch.

Send voice messages without having to hold on to the button

The other feature that WhatsApp is testing is the ability to let record voice messages hands-free. Currently, when you are recording a voice message, you have to hold on to the microphone button while the recording is in progress, which keeps you equipped. But, WhatsApp might soon let you lock that button so that you don’t have to hold on to the microphone button while recording the voice message.

This would allow the users to do something else while the button is locked and the message is being recorded. You can also scroll through the messages in the chat in which you are recording the message.

However, there are some limitations, such as you cannot view photo/video while recording a locked voice message. You can also not type a new message in the chat, and, you can also not exit the existing chat in which the locked message is being recorded.

These features have shown in the beta version of WhatsApp, however, there’s no guarantee that you too will be able to use them after enrolling in the beta program. Hence, all you can do right now is wait for WhatsApp to roll out these features to all the users.