Microsoft’s Windows 10X pivots focus towards single-screen devices

Last year, Microsoft confirmed its Surface Neo and Surface Duo devices featuring dual screens. Along with that, the company had also confirmed the new Windows 10X operating system for such devices.

However, last month, the company had confirmed that the Surface Neo will not be launching as planned later this year, which we believe is mostly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Windows 10X was set to first launch on Surface Neo.


While the Neo was confirmed to not get launched this year, there were rumours hinting that the Windows 10X development was still going on. Well, it turns out to be true as Microsoft itself has confirmed this.

In a new blog post, Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer confirmed that the Windows 10X will be pivoting to focus on single-screen devices and will be first launched for a single-screen device, which basically means laptops.

At this time, it is not yet known how the company plans to make Windows 10X for single-screen devices given that the operating system was designed to be more modern and simplified version of the Windows 10, focused on dual screen devices.

It also remains to be seen when Microsoft will be releasing this Windows 10X operating system for the single-screen devices. While there’s no such information yet, we expect it to get released sometime later this year.