Windows Phone 7.8 set to release on November 28th: Rumour

So the rumours around the incremental upgrade called the Windows Phone 7.8 OS to the older Windows Phone 7.5 devices are catching pace.


We have heard that the upgrade is arriving in the ‘Coming Weeks’ from Microsoft China and have even seen the OS in action on the Nokia Lumia 510 in a video.

And to add more fuel to the fire, we have a new rumour doing the rounds that suggests the upgrade is arriving on November 28th, 2012 i.e. on coming Wednesday. While there is no proof to support this rumour, we would be more than glad if this turns out to be true.
The Windows Phone 7.8 is set to bring a new life to the millions of older Windows Phone 7.5 OS running smartphones with a new start screen with resizable Live Tiles which has been launched with the Windows Phone 8 OS, new Bing lockscreen wallpaper and 20 colour accents for a refreshed look.
The upgrade is also set to bring in the ability to send files via Bluetooth File Transfer on Nokia smartphones. We are still not sure as to what new features are other OEMs planning for their older devices.
For now, we’ll keep an eye on every tiny development related to the Windows Phone 7.8 OS and you can stay in touch with latest happenings by following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook.