Windows Phone 8.1 to boost resolution support for both high and low end phones [Report]

The one thing that can be learnt from the rise of Windows Phone is that an operating system should address the needs of all kinds of consumers who wield all sorts of phones. This has been, it seems, the philosophy behind Windows Phone 8 OS, and it seems Windows Phone 8.1 will also build on that. The Windows Phone 8.1 SDK has surfaced and shows that the OS will add new resolution support for both high-end and low-end phones.


A Microsoft Fanboy Roman L has tweeted about this, putting out data that shows that Windows Phone 8.1 would support phones with all kinds of display resolutions. There will be support on-board for both qHD (540 x 960p) and QHD displays (2560 x1440p), whereas Windows Phone 8 support ends at full HD (1920 x1080p). Not just that, the minimum resolution supported would 360 x 640p while currently it is 480 x 800p, giving us all kinds of indications that Windows Phone 8.1 might come to even the most reasonably priced smartphones.

The screen support confirms something we have been hearing a lot about – Windows Phone 8.1 will pour on to a multitude of devices.