Windows Phone devices outsell iPhones in 24 markets [Reports]

Windows Phone has been growing quite steadily thanks in turn to the big apps making their way on the platform finally and also due to Nokia’s very well priced entry-level Windows Phone smartphones. Thanks to these reasons Windows Phone devices have now outsold iPhones in 24 markets.


The director of commisions at Microsoft, Christoper Flores told Techradar about the growth Windows Phone is having. He told about that the brand was attacking ‘both ends’ of the smartphone market and would continue to do so should, as expected, the deal to purchase Nokia go through. He also showed statistics from the emerging markets which showed the Windows Phone devices are outselling the iPhone.

Recently we had come across news about Windows Phone becoming the second most used OS in India and overtaking iPhone in 7 markets, now the number has reached 24.

To tell you honestly this is not really surprising considering Nokia is still a very strong brand in the emerging markets plus the entry-level smartphones sell a lot (Lumia 520 deserves a special mention) compared to the high-end models like the iPhone. Anyways it is still a pretty good boost for Windows Phone and hopefully with the next major update that is Windows Phone 8.1 and more makers like Sony joining the party, people should lap onto it more confidently.