Windows Phone Tango to bring in Fragmentation, to support device with 256 RAM

More information popping in for the Windows Phone Tango update is bringing in some good news and some bad ones too. Just today we saw about the new features like contact switch, multiple attachments to MMS and Tango support in more countries and now we see that Tango is the ‘Budget’ OS as it’ll go on to support devices which have a RAM of not less than 256MB. Windows-Phone-Tango
Until now Windows Phone OS supported devices with a RAM of 512 or more and bringing in an OS compatible with RAM as low as 256MB is good as OEMs will be able to make new devices which will cost less and make Windows Phone devices more affordable.

Also recently we heard about Nokia bringing in an affordable Lumia 610 which was supposed to support Tango and this news confirms it. Now this is a nice move by Microsoft to expand its reach amongst the affordable range of devices. Also the minimum camera requirement has also been dropped down to 3MP or more.

Now that is the good side of it, but there is a minus in it also. As Microsoft goes on to make Tango supported with a 256MB RAM, this will make some of the apps inaccessible by users as there the device will not be able to handle such load on such a tiny RAM. Thus users will not be able to install some 3rd party apps and also compromise on some Live Tiles not updating automatically. In addition there will be no support for podcasts, video streaming will only happen if it is lower than 4 MBs and only encoding of H.264 v2 will be supported.  And nowadays there is actually no use of just a 3MP camera on a Windows Phone when even an 8MP camera on Lumia 800 has not been able to match the standards of its likes.

So what Microsoft has planned is good but goes on to support fragmentation in the WP-ecosystem. What do you feel? So are you happy with this Tangy-Tango move of MS?