Xiaomi launches its lightweight Mint Browser for Android devices

You may know Xiaomi as a Chinese brand that sells smartphones. But hey, Xiaomi has a lot of products – both hardware and software – up its sleeves. As far as hardware products are concerned, Xiaomi sells earphones, phone cases and covers, power banks, smart cookers, and what not. On the software front, Xiaomi has apps like Mi Home, Mi Music, Mi Video, and more. Well, the latest inclusion in this list of software products is the Mint Browser.


Xiaomi has just launched a new web browser called Mint Browser for Android devices on Google’s Play Store. However, unlike other browsers that hog a lot of your phone’s precious resources like storage and RAM, the Mint Browser is easy on your Android device as it weighs just 10 MB in size and carries a smaller footprint. It is one of those ‘Lite’ apps that users should consider installing on their low-end, entry-level Android devices.

Xiaomi says the Mint Browser has “breakneck launch speed” which in simple languages means it opens faster. The browser also has the voice search feature so that you can “multitask with your hands waiting free”.

That said, even though this is a lightweight web browser, it comes with some important features like Incognito Mode and Data Saver. Besides, the Mint Browser also comes with a Night Mode so that you can read your way through your favorite Harry Potter book or a Dan Brown novel at night without causing too much strain to your eyes from the blue light emitted from your device’s screen.

You can head over to the link down below to give Mint Browser a try. If you use it, do share your experience with us in the comments down below.

Download Link: Mint Browser for Android