Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro Review

Xiaomi India is expanding its portfolio, we recently saw the company’s new Smart Air Fryer, and now we are seeing another smart home product, the new robot vacuum cleaner – Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro. This battery-operated robot vacuum cleaner cleans every corner of the floor with its microfibers, evenly distributes the water, quickly dries the floor, and can be controlled via Xiaomi Home mobile app. Here’s what we have to say about the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro in our review.


Design & Build

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro is a disc-shaped vacuum device that’s primarily designed to clean floors automatically replacing manual hand-sweeping and mopping. With a diameter of 353 mm and a height of 96.5 mm, it can roll under sofas and tables easily. The box includes a charging dock, a wet cleaning cloth with a microfiber cloth, a spare side brush, a brush for cleaning the robot, user manuals, and a warranty card.

The robot uses an updated Laser Distance Sensor (LDS), which rotates 360-degree. LIDAR is responsible for navigation, an interference detection sensor is located on the front of the mechanical bumper, and the charging contacts are visible from behind.

You will find two buttons on top of the device – The power button which lets you start or pause the robot, and the Home button which forces return to the charging base. The dust collector is located under the top cover as you can see. The filtration system is based on a HEPA filter. The water tank (250 ml) is attached from the bottom of the housing.

There’s also a loudspeaker, the robot uses voice prompts to indicate what it’s doing, with announcements for starting, completing, and charging, plus reminders to remove and clean the fittings.

Performance, Features, & Connectivity

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro is equipped with 19 high-precision sensors, a LIDAR anti-collision sensor, 6 cliff sensors, and anti-fall sensors adding more precision and accuracy for cleaning and routes. The vacuum cleaner can climb heights up to 20 mm in length with the help of these sensors.


The smart robot vacuum has 43% higher 3,000 Pa suction power which means the robot can effortlessly vacuum up large particles of dust and debris from all the hidden crevices for efficient cleaning. It has 3 vacuum-mop modes and 4 suction power settings which you can control from your smartphone using the Xiaomi Home app.

The vacuum cleaner maps your house using its Next-Gen LDS Laser Navigation to ensure a proper cleaning route. The upgraded LDS laser navigation scans up to 10 meters distance (upgraded from 8 meters) accurately and precisely maps your home to provide a reliable cleaning route both during day and night.

The cleaner offers a bunch of useful features – multiple floor mapping which maps multiple floors that can be later switched for cleaning as per needs, storage of location which memorizes the location irrespective of where it’s moved, as well as, smart resume cleaning which automatically resumes cleaning after charge.

The robot vacuum is equipped with high-frequency sound vibration technology – the vibration frequency during wet cleaning is 10,000 vibrations per minute, during wet cleaning the vacuum cleaner wipes the surface from left to right – such a Y-shaped route simulates manual cleaning to ensure floor stains are thoroughly removed.

You get to pair the device with your smartphone via the Xiaomi Home app, the cleaner has Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz) for connectivity. Once you get to pair the device, you get plenty of options inside the app, you get multiple cleaning choices, and you can manually control the cleaner using your smartphone.

Battery Runtimes

Surprisingly, what’s great about this device is that it’s battery operated, you don’t get to plug it to use, all you need is to charge it and leave. It packs a 5,200 mAh battery (upgraded over ~62% from its predecessor) that runs as much as it can clean an entire house on a full charge, the robot can clean areas of more than 2,000 sq. ft. in one go which makes it one of the best battery backup devices.


The Xiaomi Vacuum Mop 2 Pro offers an enhanced vacuuming experience, it comes with 3,000 Pa suction power, high-precision sensors, and LIDAR navigation for accuracy. The Next-Gen LDS Laser Navigation ensures improved routes and the electronically regulated water tank replaces manual cleaning. It mops with microfibers and then quickly dries the floor, it can clean an entire house on a full charge (2,000 sq. ft. in one go). Since it’s a smart home device, you can pair it with the Xiaomi Home app and control it, choose multiple cleaning options, in addition, control it via voice commands (Google Assistant and Alexa).

With all that said, the Xiaomi Vacuum Mop 2 Pro appears to be much more promising than a traditional vacuum cleaner and also gives you freedom from manual cleaning, this smart robot vacuum cleaner is practical, functional, and is cost-effective. It’s currently the best you can get, the price starts at ₹29,999 which you can grab with some ongoing bank discounts.