Upcoming Apple AirPods with active noise cancellation spotted in latest iOS 13 beta

Apple has so far launched two generations of its AirPods and now the company is rumored to be working on a new version of the AirPods which will come with support for active noise cancellation.

Now, the design for the upcoming AirPods have surfaced online and the latest iOS 13.2 beta release has a glyph which reveals that the new Apple AirPods with noise cancellation might look like. Steve Moser, a contributing writer for MacRumours has shared a Tweet which shows new AirPods design.

The new logo for the upcoming AirPods is significantly different than both the first and second generation of TWS earphones from Apple. Instead of a plastic acoustic outlet that sits in the outer ear, they seem to have an in-ear style design with a silicone cap extending into the ear canal.

Earlier, the alleged outer casing of the redesigned AirPods was leaked by a Chinese supplier and they surprisingly they look exactly like the Icon from iOS 13.2. If this indeed turns out to be true, then along with the compact design for the earphones, the case will also shrink in size drastically.


For the uninitiated, the active noise cancellation feature enables earphones to neutralise unwanted ambient noises so that the user can enjoy audio content without interruptions. It analyzes the outside noise and using complex software algorithms, generates inverted sound which can cancel the unwanted sound coming from an external source.

This report further reiterates that the next-gen Apple AirPods are on the way and will come with a new design. However, to verify this, we’ll have to wait for the company to official launch the new earphones.

Meanwhile, reports about the iPhone SE2 have started resurfacing which claims that the low-cost Apple smartphone will come powered by Apple A13 chipset but will have the form factor of iPhone 8.