Apple to bring an iPhone featuring a 5.7-inch display in May [Report]

Well some of us love the compact nature of the iPhone’s while some of us want a bigger screen estate which Apple does not offer as of now but if reports are to be true Apple might be planning to do something about it.


The display size is where Android smartphones have been at an advantage against the iPhone which still has a 4-inch display but Apple might be planning to change that as a report posted by the Japanese Yahoo news suggests that Apple is planning to release a series of “big sized” iPhones, carrying a huge display of 5.7-inches and even larger. The giant iPhone will be announced in May and it will feature the same A7 chipset we first came across in the iPhone 5s.

Don’t mistake the ‘bigger’ iPhone to be the next gen iPhone 6 which should come in September. We have also reported of another new device in Apple’s stable that is the iPad Pro which should come with a 12-inch display and will be announced in March.

Anyways if you are an Apple fan, this should be exciting times for you but a bigger iPhone should surely help Apple regain some of its lost market share. Even i would want a bigger iPhone. What do you say? Does a bigger iPhone makes sense to you?