Apple might bring the iTunes store to Android phones [Report]

Apple’s iTunes store is currently world’s most popular music download service. Apple is considering bringing it to Android phones according to a report published by Billboard magazine. If this is true it would prove Apple is now envious of the rise of Android music apps such as Spotify and is eking for a piece of the pie.


Apple is in discussions with several music execs on transforming the iTunes store by proving features music streaming and even an iTunes Store Android app.

While this might be a brilliant opportunity for the company to cash in on a whole new consumer base and make more money from the iTunes store, it doesn’t seem believable. Apple doesn’t seem like it would liquidate its brand value like this. Apple sells like a premium brand and all its services including the iTunes store are what makes its iPhones such huge selling devices.

While WhatsApp made billions of dollars off its app and BlackBerry brought BBM to Android, Apple is in a far more favorable position.

Not only that, this would also go against the grain of Apple founder Steve Jobs, who viciously hated and attacked Android, and whose idea it was to create the iTunes music database in the first place.