Galaxy S10’s Bixby button remapping feature coming to older Samsung flagships


Samsung recently launched its Galaxy S10 smartphones, and, like other Galaxy flagships from the last two years, the Galaxy S10 also comes with a dedicated Bixby button. But this time, Samsung has included a feature that lets users remap the button to open other apps. And, the company has confirmed that this feature will come to its older smartphones as well.


Samsung introduced the dedicated Bixby button back in 2017 with the Galaxy S8, and it has been present on all the flagships it launched since then. People who didn’t use Bixby found this button useless as it couldn’t be remapped to open other apps. At least Samsung didn’t provide any such option in the Settings menu. But with Galaxy S10, Samsung seems to have listened to customer and media feedback and has introduced Bixby Key Customization.

This feature lets you customize the Bixby button to open your favorite apps or launch a Quick Command with a single or double press. But, do note that either one of these options will still launch Bixby. For example, if you customize the Bixby button to open Facebook with a single press, a double press will launch Bixby. However, that’s something we won’t complain about.

This Bixby button remapping feature will come to Samsung’s older flagships as well that have the Bixby button. It will be rolled out through a software update, but only those flagships will get it that are running Android Pie with One UI.

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Once this feature is rolled out, you will no longer have to rely on third-party apps to remap the Bixby button.

Do you own any Samsung flagship having Bixby button? Have you remapped it to open other apps?