How to change or hide the notch on LG W30 [Guide]

LG launched the W series smartphones in India – W10, W30, and W30 Pro. All three have a notch on the top of its display and LG has provided a nifty option for those who like the notch in U-shape or V-shape. In this guide, we will show you how you can change the notch to either one or hide it completely on the LG W30.



The LG W30 (and the LG W30 Pro) offers a stock based user interface based on the Android 9 Pie with notch customization options. And this seems to be the first Android smartphone LG has brought up which gives you notch customizations. If you don’t like the notch, you can simply disable it, but, if you want to customize it in U-shape or V-shape, there’s a quick notch setting that you need to turn it on.

Change Or Hide The Notch [LG W30]

On your LG W30 (or the LG W30 Pro), head to the Settings -> Display -> Notch and under that, you have the three options from which you can choose the notch style you want.

Tap the Default which is the U-shape or Tap the WaterDrop which is the V-shape. If you don’t want it, tap Hide the notch to darken the notch area. That’s all you have to do to customize the notch on the LG W30 (and LG W30 Pro).



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