How to check the amount of time you spend on Facebook [Android Guide]

With smartphones and mobile data becoming available to people at affordable prices, people have started spending more time online – majority of which is probably spent passively scrolling through the News Feed on Facebook. Well, believe it or not, but this can have adverse effects on the physical and mental health of the users. Hence, Facebook rolled out a feature that lets you see how much of your precious time are you spending on its app. If you think you’ve been spending too much of your time on Facebook  unnecessarily,  and want to get rid of your Facebook addiction, then we show you how to check time spent on Facebook so that you can impose some restrictions on yourself.


How to check time spent on Facebook

Step 1: To check time spent on Facebook, open the Facebook app and then tap on the hamburger menu icon (three horizontal lines) located on the top-right corner of the screen. After that, scroll down, tap on ‘Settings & Privacy’, and then tap on ‘Your Time on Facebook’.


Step 2: Tapping on ‘Your Time on Facebook’ will display a bar graph which will show you how much time you have spent on Facebook in the last seven days. You will also be shown your daily average, along with the amount of time you’ve spent using Facebook app on a specific day in the last seven days. You can tap on a day’s bar graph to see how much time you spent on Facebook on that particular day.


That’s it. That’s how you can check time spent on Facebook. But, it’s worth noting that the usage time you see is device-specific. What that means is if you use Facebook on multiple devices, then the usage time you see across all those devices will be different. Facebook doesn’t show an aggregate of your usage time across all the devices, including its mobile and desktop websites.

Facebook usage on Device 1 (left); Facebook usage on Device 2 (right)

How to restrict your Facebook usage?

If you are worried about spending too much time on Facebook, there’s a way you can reduce the amount of time you spend on Facebook. This ‘Your Time on Facebook’ feature comes with an option called ‘Set Daily Reminder’ that lets you set a daily limit on your Facebook usage.


To set a daily usage limit for yourself, tap on the ‘Set Daily Reminder’ option under the ‘Your Time on Facebook’ menu and select how much time you want to spend on Facebook daily. Once you reach that time limit, Facebook will send you a reminder.

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We hope this guide will turn out to be helpful to you in curbing your Facebook addiction. For more such tips and tricks, you can head over to our ‘How-To Guides‘ section.