Facebook Messenger Lite gets new features like animated GIFs, file sharing and more

Facebook launched the Facebook Messenger Lite app back in October 2016, and, it was later launched in India last year in July. Back in early March this year, Facebook rolled out video calling support for Messenger Lite. And now, the company has announced some more features for this lightweight version of Messenger.


Facebook Messenger Lite already lets users send GIFs, but now, users can send animated GIFs as well, because that’s where the real fun is. Messenger Lite users can send animated GIFs using third-party keyboards like Gboard.

In addition to that, Messenger Lite users can now also customize private and group conversations using different colors and emojis. Besides, they can also give nickname to members in a group chat.

That said, Facebook is also making it possible for Messenger Lite users to share files, photos, videos, or audio files with their friends and family. All they have to do to share files is tap on the ‘+’ sign in a conversation, select the file, and press the send button.

Messenger Lite for Android, a slimmed down version of Messenger, just got richer with more features that allow you to better express yourself and share more with family and friends. Richer does not mean heavier though. Intended for people with less powerful Android devices and/or slower Internet connections, the app that offers the core features of Messenger, is still under 10MB making it fast to install and quick to start up,said Krish Gali, Product Manager, Facebook.

We are also making investments to more promptly address bugs or violating content so people can have the most positive experiences possible in Messenger Lite. We look forward to sharing more features and improvements in 2019,” Gali further added.

Download Link: Facebook Messenger Lite for Android