Google Nexus 8 prototype appears on Indian import listing

The Google Nexus 7 has been due for a refresh now but we’ve been hearing rumors around the Nexus 8 instead. Now, the Google tablet has been spotted on an Indian import listing.

The listing comes from Indian import website Zauba and the listing here suggests a prototype of the Nexus 8 has made its way to India. We don’t get to know the company making the Nexus 8, as it’s simply dubbed as the Nexus 8. The prototype comes all the way from the United States, which makes us think that Google is sending these units itself for testing purposes.


We have been hearing of a HTC Volantis that will be a Nexus with a 8.9-inch display and some seriously healthy amounts of RAM. If the HTC tablet is indeed the Nexus 8, then we can expect some very impressive specs. It is said to be powered by the ultra powerful Tegra K1 chipset and the screen resolution of the display is 2560×1600 pixels. There’s a sleek looking silver aluminium body in tow as well.

We have had several leaks around the Nexus 8 and the device is expected to be launched alongside the Android L consumer release.