Honor 9 Lite vs Xiaomi Mi A1 [Camera Comparison]

When seeking for dual-camera phones under ₹15,000 budget, which phones pops up into your mind? We found the two best smartphones in the budget – Xiaomi Mi A1 and Honor 9 Lite priced just as good as you might think.


The midrange smartphones are moving to the dual-camera smartphone trend, Xiaomi has a number of budget-friendly phones, however, the Mi A1 is the only dual-camera phone as of now that looks quite attractive and performs well.

The newest entry in the segment is the Honor 9 Lite with quad cameras (two on the rear side and two on the front) that competes with the Xiaomi Mi A1. We have compared the cameras on both the phones to see which one’s good at photography.

Honor 9 Lite vs Xiaomi Mi A1 – Camera Specs

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One of the popular things among dual-camera phones is the portrait mode or depth mode which adds bokeh effects to the image blurring the background and keeps the object in focus. The main highlight of the Mi A1 is the dual-camera (12 MP + 12 MP) that takes portraits with bokeh effects. The Honor 9 Lite also comes with dual cameras (13 MP + 2 MP) on the back. The additional 2 MP camera on Honor 9 Lite is for capturing depth while the second 12 MP camera on the Mi A1 is a telephoto lens used to measure the depth.

Honor 9 Lite has dedicated camera features like Depth mode, Portrait mode, Live photos, Pro video, Light painting, Good food, Document scan, and so on. Honor 9 Lite emerges with a faster interface while on the Mi A1, it’s a tad slower compared to that on Honor 9 Lite.

Besides, the Mi A1 uses Xiaomi’s proprietary camera app even though the whole interface is pure Android. The camera app is optimized with the features you see on most Xiaomi phones. The features include Portrait mode, HDR, Panorama, Manual, Beautify, Group Shot, Tilt Shift, and Night (HHT), Timer, Audio, and Straighten.

Both the phones are good at taking portraits, Honor 9 Lite can adjust the depth later unlike Mi A1 which can’t do it. Albeit, you’ll see one of the best portraits on Mi A1 if captured precisely, no need to adjust the depth. The colors on the Honor 9 Lite appear vibrant with captured details, also has better low light photography whereas the Mi A1 struggles when there’s less light intensity.

The Xiaomi Mi A1 has an advantage when it comes to video capturing. Sadly, the Honor 9 Lite loses on the video capturing and slow-motion recording. The Mi A1 takes 4K videos and 120 fps slow-motion videos while Honor 9 Lite can’t. It’s clear that the Xiaomi Mi A1 camera shoots higher resolution videos compared to the Honor 9 Lite camera.

Meanwhile, check out the camera samples we took from both the phones.

Honor 9 Lite vs Xiaomi Mi A1 – Camera Samples


When choosing among both, either phone is good at taking the best portraits at this price. The video capturing on Xiaomi Mi A1 is better, it records 4K videos and slow-motion videos in contrast to the 1080p video recording and no slow motion provided by the counterpart.

In Honor 9 Lite, the Live photos, Splash effect, Good food, Pro video, Light painting and other features are present which can be refreshing for camera lovers. The ability to adjust the blur amount after the shot’s been taken is an added camera skill. It also offers dual selfie cameras that snap stunning selfies adding to the overall camera package. If you like playing with the camera modes, want more camera features, better selfies, decent portraits, and better low light photography, Honor 9 Lite surely is the one to look for.