Top 10 features of Honor 9N that makes it an impressive buy

When you are looking for a smartphone under Rs 15,000 price, there are a bunch of phones to choose from. Here, we are talking about the latest entrant by Honor in the midrange segment priced at Rs 11,999. The Honor 9N isn’t just affordable, it packs a number of features that you might not know. We have listed the top 10 features of the Honor 9N that will make you change your decision. Take a look.


1) Glass Design & Premium Looks

The first thing about the Honor 9N is its design, the phone looks stylish. At the first glance, it appears to be a premium smartphone, it has a sleek body with a glass look-like design on the back. It uses a 12-layered nano-glass coating to get a mirror-like effect.

The Honor 9N is no different than the Honor 9 Lite, it’s reminiscent of the Honor 10 and the design is quite appealing. The Honor 9N comes in a range of beautiful colors which includes Midnight Black, Sapphire Blue, Lavender Purple, and Robin Egg Blue.




2.5D Curved Glass


2) Full Screen Notched Display

Aside from its glass design, the notch is clearly noticeable. The Honor 9N complies with the new display standards, there is a notch at the top of the display that gives you a full-screen experience. For those who don’t want the notch, they have the option to hide it under the display settings.

Talking about its display specs, there is a 5.84-inch Full HD+ IPS display (2280 x 1080 pixels) with an aspect ratio of 19:9. The display is covered with a 2.5D curved scratch-resistant glass.


3) Dual Cameras with Portrait Mode & AR Lens

One of the main highlights of the phone is the dual cameras, the Honor 9N with its 13 MP + 2 MP sensors takes Portraits with hardware level bokeh effects. The Aperture mode can be used to capture bokeh shots and adjust the blur amount after snapping up the pictures.

In addition to the camera features, the AR lens is something new to the camera that captures photos with different effects. This is the same feature we saw on the elder siblings Honor 10, Honor View10, as well as HUAWEI P20 Pro and HUAWEI Nova 3.

Dual Camera 13 MP + 2 MP, f/2.2
Portrait Mode

4) 16 MP Selfie Camera with Face Unlock & AR Lens as well

On the front side at the notch, the Honor 9N is backed with a whopping 16 MP camera with features like AR Lens found on the dual camera. The 16 MP camera takes amazing selfie portraits with 3D beauty effects.

It uses the 4-in-1 Light Fusion Technology that converts 4 small pixels into 1 large 2.0 μm pixel delivering brighter photos in low light. Having said that, the Honor 9N takes the best selfies in this segment as far as I know.

16 MP F/2.0

5) Featured EMUI 8.0 based on Android Oreo

Unlike the phones with stock interface, the Honor 9N boots up with EMUI 8.0 based on the Android 8.0 Oreo operating system. The EMUI is a customized Android with tons of features like dual apps, record screens, one-handed UI, locking apps with the fingerprint scanner, and more.


6) Game Suite For Uninterrupted Gaming

The Honor 9N also adds a hindrance-free gaming experience with its new feature called Game Suite. The Game Suite manages your calls and notifications in the background that doesn’t break your gaming activity. These are the modes in the Game Suite from which you can choose,

  • Gaming mode – Improves game performance, but increases power consumption
  • Smart mode – Balances performance and power consumption
  • Power saving mode – Saves power, but reduces game performance
  • Uninterrupted gaming – hides all onscreen notifications except calls, alarms and low battery alerts. The phone won’t ring or vibrate for calls and alarms.


7) Ride Mode Provides A Safe Ride Experience

Honor has added a feature called ‘Ride Mode’ that offers a safe riding experience for the users who use the phone when riding bikes.

What happens when you turn on the Ride Mode, all the calls will be answered by the voice or a pre-defined SMS depending on the Ride Mode settings you’ve chosen. The caller will be notified that the user is currently riding and cannot answer calls. It will also disable any earphones and Bluetooth headsets.

Enable it under Settings -> System -> Ride Mode. Other ways to enable the Ride mode is from the shortcut in the notification panel and Homescreen icon.

For more details, head to the Ride mode overview.


8) Party Mode For Music Lovers

Honor 9N has received an OTA update which adds the Party Mode feature. This application allows users to connect with other Honor phones to create a stereo setup and play music. That means you’ll be able to play any songs on loudspeakers simultaneously across connected devices.

The user can connect up to 9 Bluetooth (or NFC) devices together to play music for a great party experience. You can find the Party Mode app on the homescreen.

OTA Update V8.0.0.112

9) GPU Turbo For Gaming

Also added is a new GPU Turbo feature in a recent OTA update improves the graphics performance while reducing the power consumption. This is useful if you are playing games, it gives a boost to the games while also balancing the power consumed on the phone. Honor 10, Honor Play, HUAWEI Nova 3, HUAWEI Nova 3i are among the ones that feature GPU Turbo.

We played PUBG MOBILE on the Honor 9N and it was playable without any issues.


10) Fingerprint Authentication for Payments

When you apply for a fingerprint lock, there is an option to enable it for Quick Payments. Paytm app supports Quick Payments and once you have installed the supported app, Paytm app, in this case, you can authenticate your Paytm payments via fingerprint scanner.


With all that said, the Honor 9N has a lot to offer in the midrange segment. If you are looking for the above compelling features and are carrying a budget under Rs 15,000, the Honor 9N is a great choice.

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