How to enable double tap to wake on OnePlus 6T [Guide]

OnePlus 6T runs on the Android Pie based Oxygen OS that has tons of features and customizations that the stock Androids don’t usually offer. The OxygenOS has a built-in gesture on the OnePlus 6T that lets you ‘double tap to wake’. The ‘double tap to wake’ allows you to wake or unlock the phone by double tapping on the screen. Here’s how you can enable the ‘double tap to wake’ on OnePlus 6T.

OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition

Enable Double Tap To Wake on OnePlus 6T

To enable double tap to wake feature on OnePlus 6T, enter Settings and go to Buttons & gestures. Under that, tap on Quick gestures and enable the Double tap to wake gesture.

  • Go to Settings -> Buttons & gestures -> Quick gestures -> Double tap to wake.

This feature is handy when you don’t want to press the power button to wake the screen or swipe to unlock.

Alternately, you have the in-display fingerprint scanner that unlocks the phone in no time, you can unlock the phone by placing your thumb on the screen where the fingerprint sign glows. Also check how to quickly launch apps using the in-display fingerprint scanner.


Not only you can unlock the phone but lock it as well by double tapping on the homescreen. Double tapping on the empty area on the homescreen will lock the device. Enable this feature by pressing and holding on an empty area of the Homescreen, select Home Settings -> Double tap to lock.

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