How to loop YouTube videos easily on Android [Guide]

Many people rely on YouTube to watch videos and listen to music. YouTube is among the top music platforms, it has got nearly every song you want to watch, just hit the search button and find it. But there are certain things you may want in YouTube if you are using it often. Looping videos on YouTube is another task, you have to replay it manually every time, there’s no loop mode on YouTube. In this guide, we will show you how to loop YouTube videos on your Android. Here’s how.


How to loop YouTube videos easily on Android

But wait, before you tap the replay button every time, why not use this nifty workaround that doesn’t get your hands on the phone. Just start a song and let it play on loop without touching your phone. Thankfully, YouTube has got a trick hidden inside to loop videos.

YouTube’s own Playlist feature allows you to loop videos but with a simple trick. Add a video to the playlist and enable the play all option to play the song repeatedly.

  • Play a song on YouTube.
  • Tap Save right below the video as shown to save the video to the playlist. Name your playlist to anything you like just for the looping purpose.
  • Tap the Library and select the playlist you’ve just added the song in.
  • Tap the Play button and tap the ‘Play All‘ option to play all songs automatically.

Now you can loop YouTube videos without playing the song manually again and again. This is by far the quickest and hazzle-free option to play YouTube videos in loop mode without installing any third party apps.



Want to play YouTube videos in the background? Here how you can do it. YouTube also provides a dark mode feature if you watch YouTube videos during the night.

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