How to block a website background sound on Google Chrome [Guide]

Google Chrome is among the most used web browser for desktop as well as on mobile phones. From dark theme mode to downloading pages as PDFs for offline browsing, Google Chrome has offered a variety of things for a better browsing experience. One of the unusual encounters while browsing is the background music of the website that plays on its own. In this guide, I will show you how to disable a website background sound that you always want to stop in Google Chrome for Mobile.


There are times when you visit a website as a part of your daily activity but it turns out that some websites play background music on its own without letting you know, it could be a wild advert or some media on the website that you don’t want to watch because you came just to read the text content.

Although you might have the option to disable the media or sound on the website itself, it’s just as annoying when you are frequently visiting the website and it every time plays on its own.

There’s a better way of disabling the sound rather than mute the audio, turning down your smartphone volume, or a simple tap on the close button on the media which you might want to do it on every visit. Google Chrome allows you to disable the sound completely of that particular website. So, the next time you visit the website, no audio is muted by Chrome.

How to mute a website sound on Google Chrome

To block the sound from auto-playing here’s what you need to do.

Go to Google Chrome on your mobile phone and visit the website that plays sound automatically.

Now tap the three dots on the top right corner, tap Settings, and scroll down to the Site settings. Under that, swipe to the bottom and tap the Sound.

  • Chrome Settings -> Site settings -> Sound

Tap the slider to mute sites that play sound. This will disable the sound for all websites, however, you can tap the All sites at the top and select the websites that you want don’t want to play the sound.

On the flip side, you can disable sound for all websites except for a select few that you visit often.



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