Images of gold-copper colored Nokia 8 surface online

The Nokia 8 has put talks of a Nokia 9 in the backseat. And at the moment is the dominating handset on the rumor mill. Some days earlier, we’ve seen leaks of a blue shaded Nokia 8. And thereafter a silver or steel colored one. Now we finally have a gold/copper color.


Now the new images coming from a Baidu user are strikingly similar to what we saw before. We can see the dual cameras present on both leaked renders. All the design elements are exactly the same. Except for one thing. The gold/copper version does not show the Zeiss branding like earlier leaks. But that isn’t a big deal as this simply might not be the final production unit. The front shows the home button along with the capacitive keys.


Outed specs of the phone make us believe it will come with a 5.3-inch QHD touch screen, the blazingly fast Snapdragon 835, a duo of 13 MP rear camera sensors, and at least 4 GB of RAM. We also have an idea of the pricing, courtesy of leaks that say €550-600. For a flagship experience, that doesn’t sound bad at all.

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