Instant Apps are now available on 500 Million Android devices

Instant Apps, which were announced last year at Google I/O 2016, and opened up to all developers during this year’s I/O conference, are now available on 500 Million devices that are powered by Android.


For those unaware, Instant Apps allows users to use a smaller version of an app on their device without having to actually install the mainstream app. For example, if you search for something on Google and tap on a link, then instead of a webpage or an app, the Instant App of that service will be opened. Of course, the Instant App for that service has to exist for you to use it.

This feature has been rolling out to some users since January this year, however, Google started rolling it out to more number of users since a couple of months in different parts of the world. It has also been rolled out to the users in India.

A number of Google Play apps and games businesses across a range of industries have already started building with instant apps. Following the launch of their instant apps, they have seen strong results in engagement, acquisition and retention.said Google.

Android Instant Apps provides rich, native experiences at the tap of a web link. People can experience your app without upfront installation, enabling a higher level and quality of engagement.said Maru Ahues Bouza, Developer Relations Partner, Google Play.

Well, Android Instant Apps are cool and we would really love more and more developers to switch to Instant Apps while also retaining their mainstream apps. This would help them reach more people, especially those with low-end device which often have lackluster hardware and low storage.