Leaked front panel of LG G6 shows off small bezels and rounded screen corners

More than an hour ago, we said that as we are moving closer to the unveiling of LG G6, we are coming across more and more details of the device, be it in the form of leaks and reports or in the form of information straight from LG. Well, we have yet another leak today, and this time, it’s the front panel of the G6.


This leaked front panel of the LG G6 shows off small bezels and rounded screen corners. You can also see the placement for front camera along with earpiece above the display and LG moniker below it. This is in line with the leaked renders that we have seen before.

Well, with the number of leaks and renders we have seen until now, we can say that the front of the G6 will indeed look like this. Apart from this, the G6 is said to be water-resistant as LG has done away with removable battery. It’s also said to come with Google Assistant, have upgraded Quad DAC for better sound quality and be powered by Snapdragon 821.

We should know more about the device as we move closer to the February 26 unveiling.

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