Android Marshmallow now running on more than 18% of all Android devices

Google finally released Android 7.0 Nougat on 22nd of last month for compatible Nexus devices. It also recently started rolling out the Nougat update for Android One devices. However, Android Marshmallow, the version that came before Nougat, is still only on 18% (18.7% to be precise) of all devices.


Google has released the Android Distribution numbers for September which show us how much share does an Android OS has in the Android distribution chart. Android Marshmallow which stood with 15.2% of share in the distribution chart last month is now running on 18.7% of all Android devices.

Android Marshmallow had a share of 1.2% back in February which increased to 2.3% in March, 4.6% in April, 7.5% in May, 10.1% in June, 13.3% in July, 15.2% in August and now 18.7% in September.

Having said that, Android Lollipop still leads the chart with a share of 35%, Android KitKat with 27.7%, Android JellyBean with 15.6%, Android Gingerbread with 1.5%, Android Ice Cream Sandwich with 1.4%, and yes, Android Froyo is still there with 0.1%.

Those of you who are wondering about the absence of Android Nougat from the distribution chart, let us tell you that any Android versions with less than 0.1% distribution are not shown. Well yes, this means Nougat hasn’t even reached 0.1% of the Android devices. But again, this shouldn’t be a surprise as the update is only rolled out to Nexus and Android One devices. It will be a while until other phones start receiving the Nougat update.

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