Netflix is now testing cheaper long-term plans in India

Netflix, which started experimenting with the mobile-only monthly plan before making it offering earlier this year, is now reportedly testing another plan in India. The company is now testing long-terms plans at a discounted rate.

As per the reports, Netflix is offering select users three options for subscriptions — 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month plans, with up to 50 percent discount. The report claims that the 3-month plan has 20 percent discount while the 6-month plan offers 30 percent discount.


Going by this, the 12-month plan should be offering 50 percent discount. Currently, the company offers four plans in the Indian market. The lowest priced plan costs ₹199 per month and is a mobile-only offering while the costliest premium plan is priced at ₹799 per month.

Commenting on the new subscription plans, a Netflix spokesperson said, “We believe that our members may value the flexibility that comes from being able to pay for a few months at once. As always, this is a test and we will only introduce it more broadly if people find it useful.”

It is still unclear whether these long-term plans will be available for all of the subscription offerings including Mobile, Basic, Standard, and Premium.

While the company is testing these new plans for new and returning users across India but were not able to get the discounted prices. Do let us know if you are presented with the discounted pricing when you try to sign-up for Netflix.