Netflix unveils mobile-only plan in India priced at ₹199

Netflix, one of the leading streaming media company worldwide, has also established its presence in the Indian market. However, its plans are overpriced compared to other offerings in India. To tackle this issue, the company was planning to launch a mobile-only plan.


Today, Netflix has announced a new mobile-only subscription plan in India in an attempt to capture more of the video streaming market share in the country. With the launch of this new plan costing ₹199 per month, India has become the first and the only country to have such a plan from Netflix.

The plan will be available for users starting today itself. Just like other plans, users who sign-up for this plan will also be eligible for one month of a free trial. As the price is lower, the plan does come with some restrictions.

Users on ₹199 subscription plan can only watch content in standard definition and also only one person can stream at a time. The plan is also applicable to tablets.

This new plan from Netflix is aimed at battling cheaper offerings from rivals such as Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar. Apart from this new plan, Netflix currently offers three monthly plans in India, priced between ₹500 and ₹800.