Nokia Lumia 520 sales hit the 12 million mark

We all know that the budget friendly Nokia Lumia 520 is the best selling Windows device till date but we had no clue on any exact numbers until today.


Nokia 520 sales have hit the 12 million mark and that number also includes sales of the Nokia Lumia 521 for T-Mobile. The news comes from Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference where chief operating officer, Kevin Turner revealed that the popular Windows Phone smartphone has had over 12 million activations till date.

He also mentioned that 520 is the best selling device at its price range worldwide. The Lumia 520 was launched early last year and it was arguably the best budget smartphone back then. Things have changed a bit now with the arrival of the Moto E and other players but the successor to the 520 dubbed the Lumia 530 might bring Microsoft back to the game.

The Lumia 530 leaked recently so we can expect the device to be unveiled pretty soon. Anyways, coming back to the Lumia 520, do you own a Lumia 520? How has your experience been? Sound off in the comments section below..