Nokia lists the countries that won’t be getting the Nokia X

Nokia announced its ‘X’ family of devices at MWC and we know that they are set for the emerging markets, considering their budget nature and great pricing. Nokia has gone ahead and detailed which countries won’t be getting the Android (sort of) running Nokia X.


The Nokia X devices which consist of the X,X+ and XL won’t be coming to North America, Canada, Korea or Japan. Jussi Nevanlina, the Vice President for Nokia Mobile Phone marketing confirmed the news in an interview and he also mentioned that there will be more Nokia X devices later this year which confirms the rumors we have been hearing. We hope we get to see some high end stuff as well.

Well, not bringing the Nokia X devices to these markets most certainly makes sense considering they are budget devices and they are destined for the emerging markets. At the Nokia’s developer meet at MWC, we also came to know that 75% of the Android apps are compatible with the Nokia X devices while the rest just need a little retouch.

Anyways, just to shuffle up your memory, the Nokia X is priced at 89 EUR (around Rs.7550) while the Nokia X+ and Nokia XL are priced at 99 EUR (aroudn Rs. 8,400) and 109 EUR (around Rs. 9,300).