The Galaxy Note line isn’t dead, Samsung bringing Galaxy Note 8 later this year

Yesterday Samsung revealed the cause of Galaxy Note7 fires, and, the company also said that it will not be unveiling the Galaxy S8 next month during the MWC. Well, if you were thinking that Samsung is done with the Galaxy Note line because of the Galaxy Note7 debacle, here’s some good news. The company has confirmed that the Galaxy Note line isn’t scrapped and they are bringing the Galaxy Note 8 later this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note7

It would be obvious for everyone to assume that after such a fiasco last year with the Galaxy Note7, Samsung would distance itself from the Note line by putting an end to it. However, Samsung seems determined to bring much more innovative device in the form of Galaxy Note 8.

I will bring back a better, safer and very innovative Note 8” said Mr. DJ Koh, President of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. It’s worth noting that DJ Koh, whose team designed the original S-Pen stylus, would have personal reasons for saying so, however, that’s not it. The Note line actually has the most loyal customers among the entire Samsung product portfolio. “We found through the investigative process, we knew there are lots and lots of loyal Note customers.” Mr. Koh further added.

Also, the fact that there are still many customers who are using the Galaxy Note7, even after knowing all the dangers of doing so, shows that people actually like the Note line. “They made it clear, they want a Note” said Mr. Tim Baxter, President, Samsung US, while revealing that over 10,000 Note customers are willing to receive updates from Samsung on the Note line. He also went on to say that there are large number of Note 4 and Note 5 users who are willing to upgrade to a newer Note device.

Well, we are not sure what Samsung will bring in with the Galaxy Note 8 later this year, but, given the fact that the Galaxy Note7 was such a great device (sans the battery defects), we have high hopes from this year’s Galaxy Note device.