Samsung CEO claims it’s early for Tizen smartphone

Samsung had unveiled new smart watches running on their proprietary Tizen OS. However not a single smartphone was announced based on the project that has been under development for quite some time now.


According to sources, Samsung will not launch any commercial handsets running the new Tizen platform anytime soon. This is mainly because, the company CEO JK Shin acknowledged that it is too early for a Tizen smartphone. He claimed that there were still things that needed to be mature, hinting towards the lack of content and apps on the platform.

However, considering that the first Tizen smartphone was expected early in 2013, the lack of apps just seems to be excuse for the unjustified delay of over a year. Noted Russian blogger, Eldar Murtazin, had clearly mentioned that the Tizen OS project is dead but the company kept reiterating that the project was just delayed. Will we really get to see a Tizen smartphone anytime soon?