Top 10 Samsung Galaxy M20 tips, tricks, and hidden features

Samsung has introduced a new Galaxy M series in India and the Galaxy M20 is the latest midrange smartphone with a notched design and dual cameras onboard. Here, we have gathered some of the handy tips and tricks for the Galaxy M20. Check out the top 10 Samsung Galaxy M20 tips, tricks, and hidden features.


1) Hide the Notch

The main highlight of the Galaxy M20 is the waterdrop-like notch and it’s none other than the same notch that recent Android smartphones have come up to. While it’s a great move by Samsung, some of the apps may not support or if you prefer the notchless design, hide it.

  • Go to Settings -> Display -> Full screen apps -> Hide camera and turn on the slider.


2) Floating Camera Shutter

Larger screens often make it hard to reach the other corner, that’s what happens when your thumb can’t reach the camera shutter. Samsung Galaxy M20 has a feature that adds a floating camera shutter that helps you take photos with.

This floating button can be moved anywhere on the screen and gives you a convenient option to take photos. Go to the Camera app -> Settings and scroll to the bottom. Find the option that says ‘Floating camera button‘.

If you are taking selfies, the Show palm feature will let you take photos without any buttons. Here’s the next tip that might be worth to try out.


3) Show Palm To Take Pictures

Another way to snap photographs is to show the palm to the camera when taking selfies. Open the selfie camera, don’t press the shutter key, just show the palm and you are done.

On your Samsung Galaxy M20, enable the feature under the Camera settings unless it works for you. Go to the Camera app and tap the Settings, swipe to the bottom and turn on the slider ‘Show palm‘.


4) Customize Navigation Bar

Did you know, the system navigation buttons can be customized, if you want the back button to be on the right or left, or want to use the new gesture-based navigation, it can be done with ease. Cool, isn’t it.

Enter the Settings -> Display -> Navigation bar and enable the Show and hide button slider. From here, you have some customization options to change the order and select the gesture navigation.


5) Hide Albums in Gallery

Don’t you want to hide some of your albums in the Gallery? If you think you have those photos and videos that you don’t want to show up to the people, you can simply hide the entire folder in the gallery to save from prying eyes. Samsung Galaxy M20 allows you to hide the albums in the Gallery with a simple trick.

Open Gallery app, tap the three dots in the corner and tap ‘Hide or unhide albums‘ from the list.

Mark the albums you want to hide, these albums won’t be visible in the gallery until you unhide them. To unhide the albums, repeat the same steps and deselect the marked ones.


6) Homescreen In Landscape Mode

While this feature isn’t really much of a use unless you are using the phone as a tablet or in rotation mode not the in portrait. This can be useful if you are planning to connect it to the TV either wire or wirelessly. Once you have connected to an external screen, the Homescreen can be viewed in the landscape including the Bixby Home. You can also navigate the phone in landscape mode, it isn’t just for external screens.

Head to Settings -> Display -> Home screen and deselect Portrait mode only slider.



7) Flash Notifications

Ever wanted you to receive the notifications or alarm sounds on your phone with the flashlight blinking? Whenever you receive notifications or alarm sounds, the Samsung Galaxy M20 will turn on the camera flash as well as the screen.

  • Turn it on under Settings -> Accessibility -> Hearing -> Flash Notification.



8) Enhanced Multi-window – Run more than two apps

This is particular to the Samsung devices, most Samsung with the newer interface support the enhanced multi-window. The Galaxy M20, not only supports the traditional multi-window found on the Android system but supports a customized feature that will enable a desktop-like multi-tasking.

This feature will allow you to keep multiple windows on the screen at the same time, that means more than two apps simultaneously. This feature isn’t already enabled by default, enable the Popup view, head to the Settings -> Advanced Features -> Multi window.

When an app is open in full screen, switch to a pop-up by swiping down diagonally from either corner at the top of the screen. Tapping the recent apps button at the bottom and selecting Split Screen mode will split the screen into two halves for two different apps.



9) One-handed Mode

With it’s notched design and larger display, you may encounter the phone a little big when using with one hand. Thanks to the one-handed mode, the Samsung Galaxy M20 will allow you to navigate the phone with one hand just like the rest of the Samsung phones.

Turn it on under the Settings -> Advanced Features -> One-handed Mode. Swipe up diagonally from either bottom corner of the screen to reduce the display size. Another gesture takes triple taps on the Home button quickly to reduce the size of the display.


10) Change Lock Screen Shortcuts

It’s not just me who quickly open the camera using the lock screen shortcut, but if you are the one who wants to use the same shortcut for different apps, this handy feature on the Samsung Galaxy M20 adds a few apps shortcut to the lockscreen.

  • Go to Settings -> Lock Screen -> App Shortcuts and choose the apps for the left and the right shortcuts.


That was it. If you know any more tips and tricks as well as some features that aren’t easily visible, share them in the comments. For more guides, you can visit How-To Guides.

Also check out the hands-on and unboxing video of the Samsung Galaxy M20.