Sony PS5 logo revealed; confirmed to release during holiday 2020

Sony took the stage today at CES 2020 and everyone was expecting the company to announce something related to the upcoming PlayStation 5. While we were hoping to get a look at PS5, the company instead showcased the logo of the next-gen gaming console.

The logo of PS5 is almost the same as the PS4 and the company has just replaced the number 4 with the number 5. Along with the logo unveiling, the company shared some numbers related to the sales of previous-generation consoles.


The company said that it sold over 5 million units of the PSVR since its launch back in 2016. It further added that the PlayStation 4, which launched in 2013 has sold over 104 million units, making it the second best selling gaming console behind the PlayStation 2, which sold 158 million units in its lifetime.

During the presentation, the company also revealed some details about the PlayStation 5. It confirmed that the PS5 will come with 8K graphics, ray tracing capabilities, SSDs for faster speeds, and will also be backwards compatible with the PlayStation 4. We’re expecting to see a custom AMD chip inside the PS5, along with a custom AMD GPU.

While Sony hasn’t revealed the hardware, Microsoft showed off the design of the Xbox Series X at The Game Awards last month. Both the devices are confirmed to go on sale during the holiday season this year.