Apple avoids iPhone ban in India by allowing Indian government’s TRAI DND app on App Store

Back in July, we told you told that Apple’s iPhones faced a risk of getting banned in India if the Cupertino-based tech giant didn’t allow Indian government’s TRAI DND app on its App Store. Well, iPhone users, you can now take a sigh of relief as Apple has finally allowed the TRAI DND app on its App Store, which means your iPhones won’t be rendered useless in the country.


For those unaware, India’s TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) and tech giant Apple got into a tussle back in July after the latter refused to allow the TRAI DND app on its App Store citing privacy reasons. As a result, iPhones faced a risk of getting banned in the country as TRAI had ordered the telecom operators of India to de-recognize devices (disallow voice calls and SMS) that don’t allow installation of the TRAI DND app. Now Android users didn’t have to worry as Google had already allowed the app on its Play Store. The only issue the government had was with Apple.


Apple wasn’t allowing TRAI’s app on the App Store as it required access to information like call logs and SMS – something that’s against the company’s policies. However, it now looks like TRAI has worked with Apple and has made changes to its app that has resulted in the TRAI DND app finally making its way to the App Store. Now that Apple has allowed TRAI’s DND app on its App Store, it no longer faces the risk of having iPhones banned in India.

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For those unaware, with the TRAI DND app, iPhone users can register their mobile number for DND (Do Not Disturb), and can also report spam calls and SMS – an issue that almost every Indian mobile user faces on daily basis.

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Android and iPhone users, we are providing links to the app down below if you want to install it on your smartphone. The app is called ‘Do Not Disturb (DND 2.0)’ on Google’s Play Store, and ‘TRAI DND – Do Not Disturb’ on Apple’s App Store.

Download Links: Do Not Disturb (DND 2.0) for AndroidTRAI DND – Do Not Disturb for iPhone