How to unsend messages on Facebook Messenger [Android Guide]

Back in October 2017, Facebook-owned WhatsApp rolled out a feature called ‘Delete for Everyone‘ that allows users to delete sent messages from receiver’s end. Well, a couple of days ago, Facebook rolled out a similar feature for Messenger users that lets them unsend messages on Facebook Messenger. And, with this guide, we show you how to do that.


How to unsend messages on Facebook Messenger

Step 1: To unsend messages on Facebook Messenger, open the chat and long-press on the message that you want to delete from receiver’s end. As soon as you long-press on that message, you will see a dustbin icon at the bottom with ‘Remove’ written below it. Well, tap on that dustbin icon.


Step 2: When you tap on the dustbin icon, you will see two options – ‘Remove for Everyone’ and ‘Remove for You’. Tap on the ‘Remove for Everyone’ option to remove that message from receiver’s end, and then tap on ‘Remove’ for confirmation.

Sender’s screen

Doing so will remove the message from the receiver’s end. This works for both private chat and group chat.

Receiver’s screen

The deleted message will be replaced with a text to inform the other person that you deleted a message sent to him.

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Having said that, do note that you can only unsend messages on Facebook Messenger within 10 minutes, after that, there’s no way for you to delete a message from the receiver’s end.

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