Vodafone introduces ₹255 prepaid plan with 2 GB data per day

This prepaid plan from Vodafone competes with Jio's ₹198 prepaid plan as well as Airtel and Idea's ₹249 prepaid plans

Last week, Indian telecom operator Airtel unveiled its ₹249 plan for prepaid customers that offers 2 GB data per day. And earlier this week, telecom operator Idea also introduced a ₹249 prepaid plan to compete with Airtel. Now, Vodafone too has joined this group by introducing a prepaid plan that’s priced at ₹255.


Vodafone ₹255 Prepaid Plan Details

Vodafone has come up with this ₹255 prepaid plan to compete with Airtel and Idea’s ₹249 prepaid plans. For ₹255, Vodafone prepaid customers are offered 2 GB of 3G/4G data per day for a period of 28 days which translates to a total of 56 GB of data.


However, apart from 2 GB data per day, Vodafone prepaid customers are also offered free local and STD voice calls, free roaming, and, 100 free SMS per day. Well, this is almost similar to what Airtel and Idea are offering to their prepaid customers with their ₹249 prepaid plan.

Having said that, Vodafone’s ₹255 prepaid plan isn’t available across all circles. It’s only available in a select few circles like Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra & Goa, Mumbai, and Delhi-NCR to name a few.

Vodafone vs. Jio

Vodafone’s ₹255 prepaid plan not only competes with Airtel and Idea’s ₹249 plans, but also competes with Jio’s ₹198 plan. For ₹198, Jio prepaid customers are offered unlimited Internet with FUP of 2 GB 4G data per day for 28 days. And, post exhaustion of this 4G data, Jio customers can continue using the Internet at a reduced speed of 64 Kbps.

That said, Jio’s ₹198 prepaid plan also comes with other benefits like “truly unlimited” local and STD voice calls, free roaming, 100 free SMS per day, and, complimentary subscription to Jio apps. This certainly gives Jio an edge over Vodafone’s ₹255 prepaid plan, but like we always say, signal strength and Internet speeds are what should be the deciding factors.