WhatsApp for Android gets ‘Mute’ button with beta update that lets users mute a chat from notification panel

Last weekend, we reported that WhatsApp has started testing a ‘Mark as Read’ button that would allow the users to mark messages as read right from the notification panel. Alongside that, we also reported that WhatsApp was also testing a feature that would let users mute a chat from the notification panel. Well, that feature has finally arrived with a beta update.


According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has rolled out the ‘Mute’ button with beta update 2.18.216 for its Android app that lets users quickly mute a chat from the notification panel without having to open WhatsApp. This ‘Mute’ button sits right next to the ‘Reply To’ button in the notification panel.

While this surely is a useful feature for those who quickly want to mute a chat, it’s worth noting that it only works when you have a certain number of messages from a chat – well, more than 51 to be precise. Yes, that’s right. You can only mute a chat straight from the notification panel using the ‘Mute’ button when you have received more than 51 messages from that particular chat. If you have less than 51 messages, the ‘Mute’ button will not appear at all. In its place, you will instead see the ‘Mark as Read’ button which is still being developed.

If you are an Android user running WhatsApp beta version 2.18.216 or later, you will see this ‘Mute’ button in the notification panel when you receive more than 51 messages. But, if you don’t, you can take a backup of your WhatsApp messages and then re-install WhatsApp to see if it gets enabled for you.

WhatsApp Stickers

While WhatsApp’s beta version 2.18.216 for Android brings the ‘Mute’ button shortcut, beta version 2.18.218 brings in Sticker preview. The preview currently has two sticker packs, named ‘Bibimbap Friends’ and ‘Unchi & Rollie’. There’s also an ‘Update’ button that lets users quickly update the packs. There will be a green dot on the ‘+’ button indicating that a Sticker pack has an update available.

This Stickers feature was confirmed by WhatsApp-parent Facebook back in early May this year during its F8 annual developer conference. At that time, Facebook said that Stickers would be rolled out soon, but, it’s been more than two months since then and the Stickers are still not available. However, with the Sticker preview now available with beta version 2.18.218 for Android, we can expect the Stickers to be rolled out in the coming weeks to all the users.

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