Microsoft document leak reveals Windows 10X details; features new Launcher, Modern File Explorer and more

Recently, Microsoft hosted an event where the company announced its next-gen lineup of Surface devices. With that, the company had announced a device named Surface Neo with dual displays and revealed that it will be running a new and customised Windows 10X operating system.

Now, Microsoft has accidentally published an internal design document for its upcoming Windows 10X operating system which provides more detail about the company’s plans with Windows 10X.


The company has confirmed that Windows 10X will be available on foldables and dual-screen devices, with tweaks to both the Start Menu and taskbar, but it’s clear the company now has ambitions to bring those changes to traditional clamshell laptop hardware.

The document explains — “For both clamshells and foldables, the taskbar will be the same base model with a series of ‘levers’ which can be pulled to create some alternatives in the model.”

It has also been revealed that the company is now referring the Start Menu as Launcher in Windows 10X and is emphasising on local search. It reads: “Search is seamlessly integrated with web results, available apps, and specific files on your device. Recommended content is dynamically updated based on your most frequently and recently used apps, files, and websites.”


The leaked document also mentions “Modern File Explorer” which is expected to the modern Universal Windows App (UWP) version of the traditional File Explorer. The company has been working on it since long and it seems that it will finally debut with Windows 10X.

The document related to the upcoming Windows 10X was online for some time and was soon taken offline. So, there could be a lot more updates and features that haven’t been leaked yet.