Windows Phone Store now has more than 255,000 apps

While the Windows Phone app gap is still nowhere near to closing, it is making some steady growth. Windows Phone Store has reached another milestone. According to a report from Australia, Windows Phone Store now has more than 255,000 apps.


While the 255,000 number is nowhere near to the more than a million apps listed on the Android and iOS stores but it’s still a good feat indeed. The Windows Phone Store is also witnessing 10 million downloads per day and developers are adding 500 new apps everyday.

Microsoft also boasts of about 510,000 registered developers and we wonder if that number includes the App Studio “developers”, who become a “developer” for downloading latest updates such as the Windows Phone 8.1.

Microsoft also believes that the Windows Phone Store is growing faster than the competition, which is somewhat true, considering the small user base of the OS.

Steve Lewis, Microsoft General Manager, Mobile Devices, said, “We take a partnership approach throughout the development journey – nurturing ideas and providing technical and marketing support to our developer community. This combined with the strong commercial opportunity will be key to continuing our current momentum.”

The apps are surely coming to Windows Phone at a fast rate although games are a totally different story. While the app gap is surely closing but Windows Phone still gets those apps either late or with lesser features. Hopefully, Microsoft manages to sort out all these problems with developers this year but we all know that Windows Phone needs to get more traction to get attention from the developers. Well, here’s hoping it does!