Xiaomi gives us our clearest look yet at Mi MIX 3, confirms 24 MP dual cameras on the front

Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi is all set to launch the Mi MIX 3 on October 25, and, as we inch closer to the launch, we keep coming across more information about the Mi MIX 3 – either from Xiaomi, or in the form of leaks. Two days ago, Xiaomi confirmed that the Mi MIX 3 would come with 10 GB RAM and 5G support. And now, the company has revealed front camera details of the Mi MIX 3 while also giving us our clearest look yet of the frontal side of the phone.


Xiaomi shared an image (attached above) on Twitter by tweetingPeek-a-boo, I see you. #MiMIX3 #DualCam“. By sharing this image, Xiaomi confirmed the presence of dual cameras on the front on Mi MIX 3. This dual camera setup on the front on Mi MIX 3 consists of two 24 MP snappers, and, they are accompanied by ‘Selfie-light’ that should help users take brighter selfies in low-light conditions.

The image also contains a render of the Mi MIX 3 which gives us our clearest look yet at the front side of the phone. As you can see, the Mi MIX 3 flaunts an almost bezel-less design and it also doesn’t come with a notch. Well, that’s possible because the front cameras of the Mi MIX 3 are placed on a slider instead of the top bezel above the display.

The dual cameras are placed on the left side of the slider, whereas, the ‘Selfie-light’ is placed on the right side. The slider also has ’24 MP DUAL CAMERA’ written on its right side. The Mi MIX 3 seems to have an earpiece on its top bezel, but there appears to be one more earpiece on the slider placed in the center. However, that could probably be a speaker, and not a earpiece. But that’s more of a speculation from our end. We will have to wait for the official announcement to know what it actually is.

Live image of Mi MIX 3 shared by Xiaomi President Lin Bin

Having said that, the image of the Mi MIX 3 shared by Xiaomi today shows the design of the smartphone which is in line with the live image (attached above) of the phone shared by Xiaomi President Lin Bin back in late August.

The Mi MIX 3 is a flagship smartphone and will come with Snapdragon 845 SoC. The smartphone is also said to come with 960 FPS slow-motion video recording, but there’s no word on it yet from Xiaomi. With that being said, we are pretty sure to hear more about the Mi MIX 3 from Xiaomi through social media until it’s launched on October 25 at an event in Beijing, China.