Xiaomi’s Redmi is now an independent brand, will launch 48 MP camera smartphone on January 10

China-based Xiaomi has made two important announcements today: First, its Redmi series is now an independent brand; Second, it’s launching the 48 MP camera smartphone next week.


Those who follow the smartphone industry, or own a Xiaomi smartphone, must be aware that Xiaomi offers its smartphones under two different series – Mi and Redmi. Well, the company has today announced that the Redmi series is now an independent brand, just like OPPO’s Realme and Huawei’s Honor. With this, Xiaomi now has a total of three sub-brands up its sleeve – Blackshark, POCO, and Redmi.


Xiaomi has also shared a poster (attached above) to announce the launch of a new Redmi smartphone in China next week on January 10. The poster doesn’t reveal the name of this smartphone, but, the shadow under the word “Redmi” does reveal that the smartphone will come with a 48 MP camera.

Earlier last month, Xiaomi President Lin Bin had announced that the company would launch a 48 MP camera smartphone in January. Well, this is it.

Xiaomi had also teased the Redmi Pro 2 to come with Snapdragon 675 SoC, and, for those unaware, the Snapdragon 675 supports 48 MP camera, so the smartphone launching next week on January 10 with 48 MP camera could be the Redmi Pro 2. However, this is just a speculation.

With the launch exactly a week away, we expect Xiaomi to reveal more features of this upcoming smartphone by sharing teaser posters on social media.