5 PUBG Mobile tips to snipe out enemies

The more you play PUBG on your mobile, the more you got to know the tactics in the game. Recently, we saw these 7 tips and tricks in PUBG Mobile that you aren’t aware of and this certainly adds up to it. Here are some more tips for you to play PUBG on your phone even better, check out these 5 PUBG Mobile tips to snipe out enemies.


1) Watch Towers are the best place for sniping

As you know, we have mentioned it as one of the places to find the enemies. But if you are a sniper guy, you don’t run on the ground, you should get to the top of the watch towers whenever possible. If you see a high tower and there’s a stairway up to the top, head to it straight and start sniping out the enemies.

If you somehow managed to find a tower but it’s not high enough, you can check other nearby places so you have the perfect view.

Before you run to the top, make sure your health is full.

Farm (On Tower)

Once your health is full, chances of being knockout by enemies are fewer. If you are on a high spot, it’s not easy for your team to run up to your place. Even if they managed to reach, you are already dead.

Sosnovka Milraty Base has the best sniping towers as far as I know. Other locations include Georgopol Novorepnoye, Ferry Pier. You will also find the mid-range towers in several locations like Farm when playing the Erangel map.

2) Shoot ’em up from the top of the mountains

Perhaps the best place to snipe is from the top of the mountains. The mountains are at its highest peak, a sniper hooked up with an 8X scope has the power to knock out or kill a number of enemies.

You have the option to use the scopes in Assult Rifles like AKM, M416, and others, however, the range is not as high as the ones you get with the Snipers and DMRs. Usually, the Snipers have the highest range then comes the DMRs like SKS and Mini14.

Here are the 5 best weapons in PUBG Mobile


Keep a Sniper or DMR with an 8X scope or higher instead of AR for longer range.

If not the buildings and watchtowers, the top of the mountains can be a perfect place to snipe and nobody can notice you easily if you are behind the rocks, trees or bushes. Places like Prison, Ruins, and Stalber are some of the high grounds we know.

Try to get to the top of the mountains or at least up to the hill where you have a good view of the area to shoot. From here you can see most enemies running on the ground without cover, it’s time to shoot ’em up.


3) Try the rooftops of the buildings to snipe

Roofs are the second best if you are in a combat, areas like Pochinki, Yasnaya Polyana, Rozhok, and others do have a number of houses and buildings that you can climb so you can get a view. Try to find a building that has a height to snipe them out.

Some of the rooftops I remember are at School, Pochinki, Rozhok, and others. If you land on these places, you’re likely getting many roofs there so just run at the roofs and find the enemies. If you land on any location, be sure you are running for the highest buildings in your view.

Sosnovka Military Base

4) Take them out from a height from the windows

There are some buildings that don’t offer you a rooftop access, fret not, try to get to the top storied buildings and look for the enemies from the windows.

This is one of the best places to hide, and it works during the end game as well. Shooting from the windows can be really difficult for the enemies to locate you.

Watch out for Grenades thrown inside the windows.


5) Take advantage of Bridges, Rocks, Huts, and other lower grounds

Other places include the rocks up high from the surface, bridges from which the players cross the areas, crates and structures, huts, and other lower grounds that can be a point of interest.


Did you find your best place to snipe in PUBG Mobile? Let us know which locations are the best for snipers to hide.