5 quirky smartphones that will surprise you with what they offer

Smartphones, ever since the first one ever have never shied away from standing apart from the league. They have always tried to offer you something out of the ordinary and mostly something you haven’t seen before. Every major tech company has tried to do it from time to time. Whether it be Samsung, LG or Motorola, each company has its own niche of quirky phones. In fact, at the rate these phones are being unveiled, would seem that quirky is, in fact, the new normal.

Well, out of all the quirky phones out there we  have selected some that just stand out, according to us. Here they are:


Curved Phones: LG G Flex

Over the smartphone screens became bigger and more colorful, sported better resolutions and touch responses. But, they were always a bit flat – until now, that is. Curved phones have come on the scene now and they are here to change how we look at phones, literally. The LG G Flex stands out as quirkiest curved phone out there, because it offers a lot more than phones such as the Galaxy Round. It can actually become flat if you apply pressure and also self-heal in case it gets scratched.


Modular phones: Moto X

When it comes to modular phones, Moto X is the holy grail. Remember what these are? Modular phones let you customize the kind of design you want on your handset. You can have any color, any design and any finish. While the Moto Maker project responsible for customization is currently only US centric, it is expected to pour on to European and Asian markets in the future. The Moto X smartphone has opened the doors of imagination for smartphone makers, with ZTE working on an Eco-mobius smartphone and Google working on its own project Ara.


Dual-screen phones: The YotaPhone

Showcased at MWC 2014, the YotaPhone is something different from the ordinary – it has 2 displays! This phone uses two kinds of displays on a single phone. There is the normal smartphone display at the front and an e-ink display at the back, making this phone truly unique. The phone doubles up as a Kindle-esque reader at the back which also lets you access the usual features. While there are other dual-screen phones out there such as the Samsung Galaxy Golden, this one simply is a breath of fresh air and as quirky as it gets.


Dual-OS phone: Geeksphone Revolution

This is another phone that was showcased at MWC 2014. It again offers something new – a dual-OS boot. The Geeksphone Revolution runs both Android and Firefox OS and allows you to switch between them. Not only that, it will also allow you to run Custom ROMs without hassle, making it quirky as hell.


Secure Phone: Blackphone

With our increased dependence on smartphone, privacy concerns are something that have left most of us worried. In case your phone is left exposed, whether to the government or private individuals, it will break into areas of your life you don’t want to show anyone else.

It offers much by the way of security – The Blackphone runs on an Android derivative called the PrivatOS and comes bundled with Silent Circle’s app suite for encrypted calls, messages and contacts, besides secure cloud storage and tools to remotely wipe and restore the device. It is definitely something you should consider if you value your privacy highly. It definitely is different from any phone on the market and would be a great help if you are paranoid about your private information being screened without your prior permission – making it quirky, unique and amazing.