Amitabh Bachchan complains about having trouble with his Galaxy S9; Xiaomi Global VP offers him a flagship for free

Being a brand ambassador of OnePlus in India, Bachchan was also trolled for using a rival brand's smartphone

Looks like yesterday wasn’t a great day for Samsung India. This South Korean tech giant was trolled for promoting Galaxy A9 (2018) using an iPhone. And then, one of the most famous personalities in India complained about having troubles with his Galaxy S9 which led to negative publicity. Well, this famous personality is none other than Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan.

Here’s what happened: Amitabh Bachchan, who is the brand ambassador of OnePlus in India, tweeted about his Galaxy S9 not working and asked for help. From what he tweeted, it looks like his Galaxy S9 had ran into a boot loop. “Samsung S9 not functioning .. Samsung logo is on front screen, and is blinking again and again .. nothing else happens .. changed it .. let it be .. tried to close it does not close either .. HELP … someone please guide me as to what I should de” Bachchan tweeted.

Samsung was quick to respond and fixed the issue that Bachchan’s Galaxy S9 was facing. This was confirmed by Bachchan in a tweet a couple of hours later. However, Manu Jain – Global VP of Xiaomi and MD of Xiaomi India – saw this an opportunity to market Xiaomi phones and offered Bachchan a Xiaomi flagship for free.

Dear Amit Ji. It’s time to switch phones. You can maybe try the most loved technology brand in India ❤️?Happy to send a flagship phone to you, if you want.” Jain said by quoting Bachchan’s tweet. Perhaps Jain was planning on sending him the POCO F1.

Having said that, after this entire incident, Twitteratis, in their usual fashion, started the troll games. Twitter users started trolling Bachchan for using the smartphone of a rival brand. Like we already said, Amitabh Bachchan is the brand ambassador of OnePlus smartphones in India. He even makes an appearance at the launch events of OnePlus smartphones in the country. And, we have also seen him in OnePlus’ advertisements aired on TV. Hence, revealing that he uses a Samsung smartphone got himself trolled.

Well, we personally aren’t surprised to know that Bachchan, being a brand ambassador of OnePlus, uses a Samsung smartphone. After all, it’s not necessary for a person promoting a product of a brand to use that product himself. We all know most of the celebs and influencers are in this only for money. And that’s what it’s always all about. However, publicly revealing about the use of a rival brand’s product can sometimes get the brand promoters in trouble. This not only makes them a target of trolls, but can also annoy the brand they are promoting.

Coming back to Bachchan, needless to say that many Twitter users advised him to use OnePlus 6T instead of Samsung Galaxy S9. The following tweet depicts that perfectly: