Compaq will return to India as a Smart TV brand this year

Compaq is a well-known brand for laptops and was quite popular in its space a few years ago, until the brand was discontinued by its parent company HP after the acquisition. However, the brand is now set to make its re-entry in the Indian market.

As per the reports, Compaq brand will be making its entry in India as a smart TV brand, thanks to a new licensing deal. Indian electronics manufacturer Ossify Industries has acquired the rights to use the Compaq brand name for its smart TVs.


The company will manufacture televisions to be sold in India under the Compaq brand name. The report adds that Compaq-branded televisions are expected to be launched in India in early 2020, although no details about the products have been revealed.

Similar to the operating model of Nokia TVs and Motorola TVs, the upcoming Compaq-branded smart TV models could be in the affordable category and go on sale through major e-commerce platforms. However, this is just a speculation and the company has not yet confirmed anything.

Also, there’s no firm timeline on exactly when the Compaq products will be launched or even what can be expected. However, it’s likely that the company will launch smart TVs across various sizes and screen resolutions and a multiple price points.