EMUI 10 will offer an all-scenario experience with distributed technology applications

At the Huawei Developers Conference 2019 in China, the company announced its next-gen Android custom skin EMUI 10. It brings three major updates — UX design, an all-scenario ultimate experience, and a new standard of smooth operation.

EMUI10 adds a dark mode to bring more visual comfort, which optimizes both color contrast between texts and dark backgrounds as well as the color of texts and system icons. The company claims that the end result ensures visual consistency, comfort, and legibility.


EMUI 10 also adopts revolutionary distributed technology to support HD video calls among multiple devices. Users can make audio and video calls whenever and wherever they are. If there is an incoming call, users can choose to answer using a smart speaker. Or if it is a video call, they can answer through a TV, vehicle-mounted device. A smartphone and computer can share screens so that data can be exchanged easily through drag-and-drop.

Only devices authenticated by the user can be connected to other user devices, and in addition, communication between devices is encrypted end-to-end to ensure absolute security of data transmission, says the company.

EMUI provides a distributed UI programming framework and virtualizes hardware capabilities. Thus, developers can create apps for multiple devices without needing to make adaptations for the same program. In the future, as per the company, EMUI will provide more applications and synergized cross-device experiences for users.

Huawei will continue to make the capabilities of tools and platforms such as the Ark Compiler and Huawei DevEco Studio more open. It also stated that Huawei intended to work with developers and industry partners for win-win outcomes and to jointly create innovative experience across all scenarios.

As we reported earlier, Huawei P30 series will be the first to upgrade to the EMUI10 Beta version for internal testing on September 8 and will be available for the Mate 20 series later on. EMUI10 will be firstly launched in the next generation of the Mate series smartphones.

The Chinese giant has also revealed that EMUI has more than 500 million DAUs in 216 countries, and supports 77 languages. Statistics show that the user upgrade rates of EMUI 8.0 and EMUI 9.0 reached 79% and 84% respectively and that the number of users upgrading their phones to EMUI10 is expected to reach 150 million, said the company.