How to follow Instagram hashtags like regular accounts [Beginner’s Guide]

Facebook owned Instagram has got better in the past few years, and, the company has also rolled out quite a few features that are liked by many users – like Stories and the ability to upload multiple photos/videos in a single post. However, last month, Instagram rolled out a feature that lets users follow Instagram hashtags just like they follow other accounts.


Once a user follows Instagram hashtags, he starts seeing top posts associated with that hashtag in his feed. Besides, the user can also see the latest stories associated with that hashtag in his Stories bar. Well, this is helpful for those who want to view content related to specific interests, hobbies or even communities without having to follow any account. If this sounds interesting, we show you how to follow Instagram hashtags if you haven’t already, or don’t know how to do it.

How to follow Instagram hashtags

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and then tap on the ‘Search’ icon at the bottom. After that, in the Search & Explore section, tap on the ‘Tags‘ tab and search for the hashtag you want to follow. Once the hashtag that you want to follow appears in the search result, tap on it. In our case, we tapped on #android.


Step 2: As soon as you tap on the hashtag, you will be taken to that hashtag’s page. Below the hashtag, you will see the total number of posts that have that hashtag, and, below that would be a blue colored button with ‘Follow’ written on it. Well, to follow Instagram hashtags, tap on that ‘Follow‘ button.


Alternately, you can also follow Instagram hashtags when they appear in a post. Just tap on any Instagram hashtag that has appeared in a post and you will be taken to that hashtag’s page where you can tap on the blue colored ‘Follow’ button to start following that hashtag.


Well that’s it. That’s how you can follow Instagram hashtags. Once you follow Instagram hashtags, you will start seeing top posts in your feed that have that hashtag in them. Moreover, you will also start seeing latest Stories in your stories bar that are associated with that hashtag.


Also, the Instagram hashtags you follow will be visible to anyone who visits your profile, provided it’s public. However, even if your Instagram profile is private, your followers will still be able to see the Instagram hashtags you follow.


To see the Instagram hashtags that you (or someone else) are following, just go to the Instagram profile, tap on ‘following’ and then tap on the ‘Hashtags’ tab. There you will see the entire list of Instagram hashtags you are following.

How to unfollow Instagram hashtags

Well, you now how to follow Instagram hashtags, however, for some reason, if you are no longer interested in following a certain hashtag, you can unfollow it easily.

To unfollow an Instagram hashtag, go to your Profile > Tap on Following > Tap on the Hashtags tab and then tap on the ‘Following’ button right next to the hashtag you want to unfollow. Doing so will present you with a confirmation message. To confirm the unfollowing of hashtag, tap on ‘Unfollow’.


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We hope you were able to follow Instagram hashtags of your choice. For more guides, you can head over to our ‘How-To Guides‘ section.